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Turbocharger Identification

All turbochargers should have an identification label or nameplate secured to the outside casing of the turbocharger. On this page, we will outline the critical information which needs to be displayed on a turbocharger identification label, as well as the steps to take if your turbocharger identification label is either missing, damaged or unreadable. If you need any more information on turbocharger identification, please get in contact with us either by phone or via email.

This turbocharger identification plate will differ in size and information depending on the source of turbocharger i.e. Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M), Original Equipment Supplier (O.E.S), Distributor or turbocharger reconditioner.

Required Information

In all cases, the turbocharger identification label or name plate should contain one of three pieces of information:

  • Turbo Model — Type Number

  • Turbo Model — Type Number

  • Vehicle Manufactures Part Number

Turbo ID is Missing, Damaged, or Unreadable

If the turbocharger name plate is missing or difficult to read, please obtain the following information in order to help us determine the correct turbocharger for the application.

  • Application

  • Engine Make and Size

  • Year of Registration

  • Any additional information which could be relevant

This information is required to correctly identify the turbocharger you require. If you need any help in ascertaining this turbocharger information, please get in contact with us and we will guide you through the necessary steps.


Turbocharger Identification FAQ