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Turbo Fault Finding

EVERY Turbocharger fails for a specific reason. It is critical to address the root cause of a turbocharger failure BEFORE fitting a new unit, as failure to do so could result in another premature turbo failure. As dedicated turbocharger specialists, we are able to effectively diagnose all types of turbocharger issues and provide an appropriate solution. Our recently developed, state-of-the-art turbocharger damage analysis laboratory makes us unique to the Irish market and allows us to perform comprehensive diagnostic checks on all types of turbochargers. We also have a modern manufacturing workshop which is suitable for turbochargers of all makes and models.

We often find that customers seek a complete turbocharger replacement when it is unnecessary, as the turbocharger may simply require some cleaning or general maintenance to return it to its optimum condition. Some common warning signs related to your turbocharger include; a lack of power, noisy performance or excessive smoke and/or oil consumption. If you are noticing any of these issues, simply get in contact with us to speak with one of our turbocharger specialists and we perform a comprehensive diagnostic check, after which we will highlight any issues we found and suggest appropriate solutions.

  • Think of a Turbo as an integral part of the engine.

  • Don't always assume the Turbo is at fault when things go wrong

  • Remember - a new Turbo will not cure a faulty engine!

Turbo Fault Finding FAQ