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Garrett press release - 40% performance gap between Genuine and Copy Turbos

Independent Lab Tests Show As Much As 40% Performance Gap Between Genuine Garrett Motion Aftermarket Turbos and Copies

NOX emissions from copies as much as 28% higher than original fit turbo replacements and the worst-performing copies also emitted nearly 3% more CO2 than genuine parts.

ROLLE, Switzerland – Garrett Motion (ex. Transportation Systems)announced the results of a study that indicates replacement turbos built to the original specifications of the factory-installed part they replace have significantly better performance, CO2 and NOX emissions than non-original copies. The results come from an independent lab study.

The test of several turbocharger replacements was conducted in the United Kingdom by Millbrook Group. The study used the average of two homologated replacement turbos built to original equipment specifications (OE Fit) from Garrett brand of replacement turbos as well as a leading competitor to compare against the highest-selling third-party units in Europe ...

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